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Dear GOD.. Evry single evning As I'm

Dear GOD..
Evry single evning
As I'm laying here in bed
Dis tiny litle pryer
Keeps runing thrugh my head

GOD bles my mom & dad,
& othrs in the famly too
Keep dem warm and safe frm harm
Fr thy'r close 2 me.

& GOD, thre is 1 more thng
I wish dat u could do.
Hope u dn't mind me askng,
Bles my computr too.

Nw I knw dat is not nrmal
To bles a mother bord,
Bt lsten just a secnd
While I xplain to u 'My LORD'

U c, dat little metal box
Holds more den odds and ends
Inside thse small cmprtments
Rest so many of my Frinds.

I knw so much abt dem
By the kindnes dat thy giv
& dis little scrap of metal
Takes me in to whre thy live

By faith is hw I knw dem
Much d same as u
We share in wat life brings us
& frm dat our frindship grew.

Please, tak an xtra minute
Frm ur duties up abve
To bles those in my adres book
Dat's filed with so much love!

Whrevr else dis prayer my reach
To each and evry frind,
Bles each email inbox
& d person who hits"send".

Wen u update ur heavenly lis

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